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Highlight from Breckenridge

Richard is front-left. I'm front-right. Richard's cousin Matt is behind me.

Swanborg Family Reunion – Breckenridge, Colorado – August 2013

This was meant to be an outdoorsy vacation, but of course I packed beads just in case. I packed all sorts of stuff for soutach bead embroidery and picked up some cute things visiting a miniatures shop and two bead shops, but didn’t get a chance to sit and bead. Too busy adrenaline chasing.

We tortured Richard's grandparents by taking them for afternoon tea at the Dusty Rose Tea Room in Georgetown, Colorado.

So Richard and I have a thing for afternoon tea and seek out tea houses where ever we go. The Dusty Rose is in Georgetown on the way to Breckenridge from Denver. Super cute! Delicious food and tea. Grandma; however, wasn’t too excited about playing dress-up with hats.

This is (almost) all of the Swanborgs.

People split up into smaller groups during the day, but we tried to all get back together every evening for dinner.

You know you’ve become acclimated to the desert, when you’re wearing triple layers and fleece for a cool 60 degree morning. One of the highlights from our last trip to Breckenridge six years ago was splashing round in the Blue River. This time it was too cold for me. We did do some scrambling over the river stones, but this time we tried not to get wet.

This was our third time white-water rafting. I’m totally hooked! This stretch of the Arkansas river is called Brown’s Canyon (Class III+.) Last time in Colorado we did a section called “Granite Gorge” (Class III.)

I’m trying to get a group together for an overnight rafting trip through the Salt River Canyon this spring. (Class III – IV) Can’t wait!

Well now I know why we were having such a hard time finding a hotel room in Breck. The USA Pro Challenge Cycle Race came through town over the course of two days. I couldn’t care less about cycling. I hate watching sports, but the roads were closed and there wasn’t much else to do. So we stood around taking pictures like the rest of the trapped vacationers.

Top of Guanella Pass 11,669 Feet

After a lovely afternoon wandering around historic Georgetown, we thought we’d see if there was a “back way” to Silverplume. You know, so we didn’t have to hop back on I-70. Well, as it turns out there is a back way out of Georgetown, but it doesn’t go to Silverplume. After convincing our GPS to avoid highways and U-turns, it took us up and over the Guanella Pass. Up, up, up past the tree line to where there was still lingering snow in August! A few miles past the summit, we lost the pavement and continued down the mountain through a series of dirt switch-backs.

As it turns out, the road less traveled is unpaved and only one lane. In our rented Hyundai Sonata it took us 30 minutes to take the high way to Georgetown. Up and over two mountains it took us four hours to get back.

Uncle Rick is an avid hiker. I’ve always been too intimidated to go on one of his hikes, but he assured me that this one would be easy. We started out on a nice, flat, paved bike trail in Frisco. Perfect! Then we turned off for the Mount Royal trail that was clearly marked, “This trail is all uphill. Many sections are very steep.” Hmmm, not so easy any more. And we got a bit lost…

This was the longest and highest of the five zip lines we did. I have never been so scared in my life!

We spent days talking about going to a zipline park. It sounded fun and exciting, but I was very concerned that I’d pay my money and then chicken out. Finally I decided to face my fear of heights and just do it.

So this is how it works: You get all geared up and then they drive you to the top of a mountain in an army jeep. You work your way back down over a course of five ziplines. I screamed in terror when I first stumbled off the platform, but grew more confident with each zip.

Terrified, but I loved it! Highlight of the trip!

What an adventure!

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