Why I love Halloween!

Like many of you, I moved to Tucson to escape the winter and enjoy the land of eternal summer, but without the annual snowfall I find myself losing track of the passage of time. Years easily blend from one to the next. Surely my age is partly to blame for this acceleration of time, but the evergreen saguaros and palo verdes that make up our desert landscape don’t help.

Holidays are becoming increasingly important to me as a way not only to mark the seasons, but to connect to my traditions and my community. My mom made Halloween costumes for my brother and me when we were little and then taught us how to make them ourselves as we grew up. As a community we come together at Halloween to embrace the DIY spirit in our homemade costumes and festive holiday attire.

I love Halloween because I adore playing dress up and this is my socially sanctioned opportunity to be as goofy, or silly, or scary as I want to be. Also, it lets me get a jump start on No-Shave November.

Happy Halloween to all of my ghoulfriends!

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