One of the biggest frustrations with learning a new skill is not catching on as fast as you expect. You’re so good at so many things! Why is this new beading skill so challenging?

Think about something you’re really good at. Maybe you can make the perfect sugar dusted bunt cake. Perhaps you can knit self-striping socks in your sleep. Or I don’t know… it might be that you truly shine when programming robots.

Whatever it is, think about the very first time you tried it. Remember all the different steps that you can now do on autopilot that you had to really concentrate on. Remember the times that things didn’t go as planned… you burned the cake, the self-striping socks had polka dots, and the robot ran away.

So what came in between those early mishaps and today’s triumphs?


It’s the same way with the new beading skills you want to learn. Give yourself some breathing room and permission to make mistakes along the way, but keep at it.

We’ll help you along the way with classes and online tips & videos, but it’s practice that will make your new skills second nature.

Happy beading!

Rebecca Combs

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