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Tip #9: Analyze the Results and Try Again

Part one of the Designer’s Playbook is to ask a lot of questions. What if I do this? How can I change that? What else is possible? And then to find out the answers by trying something new.

The Designer’s Playbook Part Two: Analyze the Results and Try Again

Take a look at the necklace I made to test my idea of using coiled loops to braid with larger beads.
Now that I have my finished braid it’s time to step back and note my overall impressions and observations.
  • Overall I really like the way the beads sit above and around the braid.
  • I put seed beads on a few of the warps as filler. They’re not adding anything and were a pain to string.
  • I don’t like seeing so much of the satin cord among the beads.
  • The coils are interesting, but drawing more attention than I’d like.
  • I used a variety of headpins. The ball pins are my favorite. The flat headpins are scratchy.
Now that I have my observations it’s time to ask more questions. How can I get more of what I like and less of what I don’t?
  • Since the seed beads weren’t worth the trouble, I’ll skip them next time.
  • I’d like to see less of the satin cord in the focal section so I’ll use beads on more warps.
  • The coils are overpowering, so next time I’ll make them smaller.
  • Since the flat headpins are scratchy, I’ll only use ball headpins next time.
And now to try again. Working with the same technique of using coiled loops to braid with larger beads I made another necklace that incorporated the lessons learned from my first attempt. Check it out…
Woo hoo! I love it! 
The combination of using smaller coils and having more warps carry beads created a lush, full focal section. The satin cord blends perfectly with the beads.
The ball pins are smooth to the touch and very comfortable on the skin. They also bring a lovely silver sparkle.
Asking questions and trying out your ideas is extremely important for developing your skill as a designer, but it’s equally important that you analyze your results and try again based on what you learned.
So that’s my Designer’s Playbook in three parts.
Part one: ask lots of questions and try out your ideas
Part two: analyze the results and try again
And part three?
It’s repeat parts one and two, of course.
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