We used to make things.

Real Things. Good Things. Things meant to outlive us.

And then we made ourselves a world of digital screens and instant gratification. We made it cheap; easy; disposable. We made it give us everything so we didn’t notice what it took away.

We let it steal our intrinsic creativity without a fight, but the act of creation is our birthright and we must take it back.

We are creators.

When we make something with our own hands, we tap into the creativity that has never left us. We are all of us makers and each of us deserves to feel the power of creation.

What we choose to make, makes our world. We choose to learn, to explore, to play, to delight, and we invite you to join us.

Take back texture and flourish in full color. Our ability to create extends beyond ourselves as we combine our creativity to build a thriving community while honoring our individuality.

The fear of our limitations will never stop us from starting, and we refuse to be intimidated or discouraged by expectations of perfection – those we set for ourselves or those set for us by others.

Our first step is just as important as the last. No two creations are the same, whether modeled after a pattern or pulled from the soul. There is no right way to create.

Ability is secondary to creativity. Just make it. It’s worth making, and you’re worthy of making it.

Together we create a world of color, connection, and fun. We’re not perfectionists, and we’re making it up as we go along. Are you in?

Come join us!

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