Your Best Kumihimo Design Plan: Part Two

The first step in creating your best kumihimo design plan is picking the right color combinations. Color is usually the very first thing we notice in any design. Because it’s such an obvious part of your jewelry it’s important to get it right.

The right colors will help you achieve your design goals… whatever they are… matching your new outfit, supporting and accenting a focal bead, or creating pattern & interest.

Planning Part Two: Pick the Right Proportions

Once you have selected the right colors the second step is to choose the right proportions. That means to balance the colors of your necklace so they have correct relationship to each other and to the piece overall.

Imagine you’re making a salad. You have spinach, tomatoes, bacon, cheese, vinegar, and oil. Do you just mix together one cup of each?

Of course not! Yuck!

The trick to a great salad is to correctly proportion all the different flavors. You’ll start with a whole lot of spinach and then toss in a few tomatoes… maybe just a sprinkle of the cheese and bacon… finish it off with a light drizzle of the vinegar and oil. Yum! That’s a great salad!

That may seem obvious with food, but the concept is the same with beads. It’s all about balance.

Take a look at the colors I picked out for my Happy Camper necklace. The colors work great together, BUT the mix is too busy because the colors haven’t been properly proportioned yet.

Here are the same colors mixed up with better proportions.

This mix is perfectly balanced to support the pendant and highlight it without overwhelming it.

Color selection is extremely important, but it’s equally important that you balance the colors in the correct proportions. When you plan your next piece, after choosing the right colors, be sure to take the time to proportion them correctly.

Choosing & proportioning your colors correctly will take your jewelry to the next level, especially when you build upon a strong foundation of design skills.

If you’re interested in learning more about color selection and the art and science of great design, check out my upcoming kumihimo design retreat in southern Arizona: Wine, Dine & Design!
Happy Beading!

Rebecca Ann Combs