Kumihimo Beaded Rope

The Bead Spinner can be a very helpful tool once you get the hang of it. In this class you’ll learn all the tips & tricks and will soon be bead spinning like a pro.

Level 1: Kumihimo 101 or equivalent experience is required before attending this class.

Techniques Learned: Using a bead spinner to cut your set-up time in half. Making a kumihimo beaded rope in which each of the 8 warps carries seed beads.

What Will I Actually Make in Class? Bead spinning is a bit tricky at first, but you’ll love it once you get the hang of it. We’ll spend the first half of class learning to use the bead spinner by stringing all of the beads for out necklace. After that we’ll start braiding. Most students will finish 3″ – 6″ of beaded braid. Some will get pretty close to finishing an 18″ necklace.

How often is this class offered? This class is offered every month.

Supply List:

  • Tools:
    • Round Kumihimo Disk
    • 8 Weighted Bobbins
    • 1 Center Weight (Gator Weight or Cross-Locking Tweezers)
  • Materials:
    • 30 grams Size 8/0 Japanese Seed Beads or 1 hank Size 8/0 Czech Seed Beads
    • Size 18 Superlon Bead Cord
    • Focal Bead with 10mm Hole or 10mm Bail
    • 8mm Endcaps
    • Jumprings & Clasp if not using magnetic endcaps
    • E6000 Glue
  • Other things you’ll need that you can borrow during class:

    • Bead Spinner
    • Bead Spinner Needle
    • Fuzzy Beading Mat