Super Duo Peyote Stitch

These 2-hole beads make Peyote stitch quick and easy!

Level 0: No previous beading or jewelry making experience required.

Techniques Learned: Students will learn even-count flat Peyote stitch, how to add more thread using a surgeon’s knot, and how to add a button & loop clasp.

What Will I Actually Make in Class? Most students will get about half-way through the bracelet. Everyone will add the clasp to one end. Some students (mostly those with previous beading experience) will finish the bracelet in class.

Supply List:

  • ~10 grams Super Duo 2-hole beads
  • ~5 grams size 11/0 seed beads
  • ~1 gram 3mm magatama beads (optional)
  • 1 button with shank
  • 1 wire guard (optional)
  • beading thread to match the seed bead color. I prefer One-G.
  • beading needle of your choice. Either big-eye needle or size 12 beading needle
  • Other things you’ll need that you can borrow during class:

    • Scissors
    • Fuzzy Beading Mat

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