3-Day Kumihimo Design Masterclass with Rebecca Ann Combs
Mastering Composition & Color

When: Friday, Saturday, Sunday March 6th – 8th
10:00 AM – 5:00 PM each day

Where: Design & Adorn

What: This masterclass will provide an in-depth study into exploring the design principles, math and color theory behind creating amazing kumihimo jewelry. You’ll learn how to design your own original necklaces utilizing perfectly blended colors and ombré effects. You’ll preview your work in the planning and charting phase and learn how to identify balance in both symmetrical and asymmetrical designs. You’ll use the kit materials to design edit your color palette and design your own kumihimo necklace.

Workshop Prerequisites: You should have experience braiding with beads on a foam kumihimo disk.

How much is it?

What’s included?
• 18 hours of design instruction over the course of three days
• The 100 page workbook Kumihimo Design: Mastering Composition & Color by Rebecca Ann Combs.
• Class kit ($100+ retail value)

That sounds great! How do I sign up?
Click here to register online.
or call us at 520-209-1900 to register over the phone.

Join world-renowned kumihimo instructor, author, and jewelry designer Rebecca Ann Combs for a three-day kumihimo design masterclass that will open up a whole new world of creative opportunities! Give yourself permission to escape your everyday life and take the time to hone your skills as a designer. This intimate gathering allows tons of one-on-one time with Rebecca as she distills her years of experience into accessible information you can use now.

Accelerate your kumihimo designs with the techniques that take a design from good to great!

In the first session, The Toolbox, you’ll refine your understanding of traditional design concepts such as rhythm, symmetry, balance, and proportion, but this goes far beyond an art appreciation 101… You’ll master the how and the why. You’ll be able to make design decisions with intention so that your elements work the way you want them to.

In the second session, Power Tools, you’ll learn how to artfully edit your work before you even pick up a bead! Imagine the time and frustration you’ll save when you can judge your designs on paper and know they’re good before you begin braiding!

In the third session, The Prism, you’ll master color selection by examining the effect of different bead finishes on color perception. The secret to pleasing palettes is balance and you’ll apply your knowledge of proportion to create color combinations that sing and mix beads as though they were paint.

Each day you’ll be working hands-on writing your own jewelry designs, critiquing your work, prototyping, and braiding. This is an amazing experience that will change your approach to design no matter what level you’re starting at!

For just $999 per person you’ll enjoy three-days of small group instruction with Rebecca Combs, get the coveted 100 page workbook, Kumihimo Design: Mastering Composition & Color, that lays out the entire course for your reference when you get home, and a treasure trove of beads to work with for your design project.

That sounds great! How do I sign up?
Click here to register online.
or call us at 520-209-1900 to register over the phone.

Student Testimonials

“I could always follow and execute a pattern flawlessly and put something together on my own, but now I have an understanding of what will make that something great. Like a light bulb went off.”
-Melinda Connell, Florida

“I’ve taken the kumihimo math class and design class from Rebecca in the past, but it all came together for me at this [class]. I can be intentional about creating kumihimo pieces. Also the camaraderie among the attendees was phenomenal.”
-Vikki Carpenter, Arizona

“Loved learning the color wheel. I’ve never been able to make good use of one in the past. I appreciate all the individual help; enjoyed seeing what others had done. Liked being able to take the time to practice design. … Big things for me were the process for design, the math … and the time to practice. Am so glad I came, it was even better than I’d expected.”
-Fern Bailes, Canada

“I truly enjoyed my experience. The new kumihimo instructions were a new challenge I enjoyed very much… Just LOVED it!”
-Joyce Petrick, Arizona

“I mostly wanted to learn how to design color fades. You have exceeded my expectations and given me so many new ideas and options. Understanding color relations will also help immensely in my designs.”

-Dot Newkirk, Washington

“Our minds were expanded beyond anything I ever expected thanks to Rebecca’s amazing teaching skills and generous sharing of knowledge and skills. If you have the desire to gain more understanding and confidence regarding the design process & color then you MUST attend this event. You will be amazed at what this 3 day[s] will bring to your love of kumihimo.”
-Barb Gores, Arizona

“This was an incredible weekend. I knew I loved doing kumihimo, but was limited to what I copied from your books or patterns. I could only copy, but now I can create! … Your teaching style and detail is perfect for learning.”
-Delia Laws, Texas

Frequently Asked Questions

Will we be working on the disk or the marudai?
The focus of the workshop is the design process. We’ll do some quick sampler projects on the disk, but the majority of the hands-on time will be spent designing and charting your bead patterns. The skills you learn can be applied to braids on either the disk or marudai, whichever you prefer to work with at home, but for your convenience during this workshop you’ll only need a disk.

What are we going to make?
You’re going to write your own kumihimo patterns focusing on ombrés, color blocking, pattern blocking, and fades working with your choice of size 11 Delicas or size 8 Toho seed beads. Unlike most classes this isn’t about us all making a specific, predetermined design chosen by the teacher. You’re here to unlock your design talents and to learn HOW to come up with your own designs.

With that in mind, think of the kit as tools you will work with to hone your design skills. You’ll be writing your patterns based on the beads in your kit.

Are there any prerequisites?
You should be comfortable with beaded kumihimo (beaded kongoh gumi) on either the disk or the marudai.

I attended this workshop at your Wine, Dine & Design retreat. Will I learn anything new here?
You bet! Although the course material is the same as the , you’ll be approaching it from a different level. The keys to improving as a designer are studying, practicing, and focusing. This time around you’ll be able to apply the design concepts at a higher level and improve your design skills mastery through practice.

What’s the lunch situation?
We’ll take an hour long lunch break each day. You’re on your own for lunch, but generally groups of new beading buddies go out together. There are lots of restaurants within walking distance or very short driving distance: Chipotle, Sentinel Peak Brewing, Trader Joe’s, Baggin’s Sandwiches, Smashburger, Paradise Bakery, Starbucks, Jimmy Johns, Panda Express, and Dunkin Donuts. We also have a small fridge and a microwave in the back room if you’d like to pack your lunch.