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Kit of the Week FAQ

What is the Kit of the Week?  Since March 2020 we've been hosting a weekly Facebook Live Shopping Party where we feature a different limited-edition kit. The kits are made to order after you purchase them and then we ship the kits to you.  In an effort to increase accessibility since not everyone has fast enough internet to stream a live video and not everyone wants to use Facebook, we're switching from Facebook Live Shopping Parties to a Kit of the Week.


The Kit of the Week is our featured project(s).  The finished project sample is shown in one colorway, but there are usually 10-20 different colorways available.  Once the Kit of the Week goes live on our website, you'll be able to browse photos of all the different colorways.  


These are still limited-edition (typically 1-4 kits available of each color), limited-time offerings.  The Kit of the Week opens for shopping on Friday at 5:00 PM Arizona time and closes on Tuesday and 10:00 AM Arizona time.


After the sale closes, we start making the kits.  Your Kit of the Week will go out in the mail one to two weeks after the sale closes.


How do I purchase a Kit of the Week? Once the Kit of the Week sale starts go to this page. Click on the kit you'd like to shop.  All of the colors are there for you to browse. Make your selection from the dropdown menu and add to cart.


If you're just buying one kit, click view cart to confirm you selected the correct color and then check out.


If you're buying more than one kit, add your next kit color by selecting it from the drop down menu and then click add to cart. 


When you're finished making your selections, click view cart. There you can confirm that you have the correct colors. The quantity for each kit should be 1, unless you are ordering 2 or more of the same exact color. Once you've confirmed your selections, go ahead and check out.


At what point in the shopping process are my kits reserved for me? Can I toss them in my cart and keep browsing around for other things? Your kits are only reserved for you once you have completed the checkout process and paid for your order. It is entirely possible to put something in your cart and then find that it is out of stock by the time you get to the checkout, if someone else checks out faster.

If you would like other items to ship along with your Kit of the Week, we recommend that you place those items in your cart BEFORE the sale begins so that you're ready to go.

What if I can't find the kit I'm looking for on the dropdown menu?  I'm sorry, but that kit color is already sold out.

I have a question that's not answered here.  How do I contact you?  Please fill out the form below.  We are in the office Tuesday through Saturday and typically respond to emails within one business day.