6mm Acrylic Magnetic Shiny White Endcaps (1 set)


This 6mm inside diamter magnetic endcap is “Shiny White” colored acrylic. It is 25.6mm long (~1″) and has a 10mm outside diamter at its widest point.

We love these acrylic endcaps because the color is extremely durable, the magnets are strong, and they are light weight. Because there are not metal parts exposed to the skin, these are perfect for people with metal allergies.

Recommended Glue: E6000.
DO NOT USE WITH ZAP GLUE OR OTHER SUPER GLUES. Super glue can dissolve the acrylic.

Take care of these endcaps just like you would plated metal endcaps. Avoid exposing your endcaps to chemicals such as perfumes and lotions and always remove your jewelry when showering or swimming.

EU Nickel Free Compliant
The country of origin is Germany.

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