6mm Stainless Steel Twist Lock Endcaps (1 set)


These looks a lot like magnetic endcaps, but they’re actually a twist lock style. That means that one endcap fits inside the other and they lock together with a twisting motion. A fair amount of manual dexterity is required to close these endcaps, but it’s not too difficult to open them if using two hands. These are not recommend for use on bracelets unless you have three hands or a friend to help you get in and out of your bracelet.

These endcaps are made from stainless steel.

The assembled set is 23.3mm long and 6.9mm at the widest point. The inside diameter is 6mm.

Each package contains 2 nesting pieces (1 set).

These are EU Nickel Free Compliant.
Country of Origin: China

The package label reads: 6mm Stainless Steel Twist Lock Endcap

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