Captured 6mm Bead Chain Maille Bracelet Kit (BEADS NOT INCLUDED)


Captured Bead is an excellent beginner-plus chain maille project because it builds on the skills you learned in earlier projects such as byzantine, helm, or mobius. The weave structure is pretty straightforward, but is a bit fiddley because of the beads.

This HyperLynks kit includes:
Premium saw-cut aluminum jump rings
Toggle Clasp
Full color instructions with photos

Maximum Finished Length: 8″

Each kit is packaged in a 4″ x 4″ heat-sealed plastic bag with a picture of the weave on the front.

Required Tools:
Two pairs of pliers.
Richard recommends your choice of one bent-nose and one flat-nose, two bent-nose, or two flat-nose.

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Captive Bead weave combines the sleek elegance of chainmaille with the beauty of beads to create a truly stunning piece of jewellery. Relatively quick and simple to learn, Captive Bead weave magically traps beads within metal rings.