Magatama Spiral Focal Clasp & Endcap Set


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This is the focal clasp from the “Magatama Spiral” bracelet in Kumihimo Basics and Beyond by Rebecca Ann Combs.  The project is featured on the back of the book and the project instructions start on page 75.

This endcap and clasp set is made of vintage brass (copper/zinc alloy.)  We have done the wire-wrapping for you.  It’s ready to glue onto your project!

Set includes:

2 wire-wrapped “magnolia leaf” endcaps.  The inside diameter is 8-10mm (varies) as is, but the petals are not fused together and you could spread them apart to achieve up to a 12mm inside diameter.
1 waterlily toggle-ring.  It measures 27mm x 27mm wide.
1 wire-wrapped leaf toggle-bar.  It is 30mm long.

The total assembled length is about 8cm (3 1/4 inches).