Memory Spirals – Stellar Cubes – Onyx Medley


The layered look is on trend, and there is no better way to layer your wrist FIVE times than with memory wire spirals. Easy to make – fun to wear. Bolo leather is already strung for you. Simply string on beads on one side of the leather, and then curl the last 1/2″of wire using round-nose pliers to complete. Repeat for the other side of the bracelet. Curling the wire ends with pliers are just like curling your hair with a curling iron!

Length: one size fits all (kit/bracelet use wire spirals with a 2.5″diameter). Wind the bracelet on to your wrist one spiral at a time.

Each kit is packaged in a 2″ plastic clamshell container and has printed instructions, memory wire, and beads

Tools Needed: You’ll need a round-nose plier (not-included) to turn a loop at the beginning & end of the memory wire. Two pairs of pliers (like flat-nose or chain-nose) are needed to add the charm to the very end of the bracelet.

Skill Level: Absolute newbie. This is a straightforward stringing project.

Estimate Completion Time: 45 – 90 minutes.

Instructions ©Becky Guzman of Diakonos Designs

Note: This kit and the included pattern are offered for sale for your personal use only. This pattern may not be copied, transmitted or taught without the express, written permission of the designer.

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