Rhodium Plated 6mm Keg Magnetic Endcaps (1 set)


These premium magnetic endcaps are made with 3 mils of white rhodium electro-plated over brass. You can count on these beauties keeping their finish without tarnishing or changing colors for years to come! The keg style is extra secure because it is a nesting style. That means that one endcap fits inside the other endcap rather than just having them slip right down the middle. Look for the nearly invisible seem between the main body and the double ridges off to the side.

This endcap set is 17.3mm long and 7.8mm at its widest point.

Rhodium plated items are NOT EU Nickel Free Compliant.

Country of Origin: South Korea

The package label reads: Rhodium Plated 6mm Keg Magetic Endcap

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