Small Bead Spinner w/ 1 Short Bead Spinner Needle


The Small Bead Spinner has a 3 1/4″ diameter bowl. It comes with one 3 1/4″ long curved bead spinner needle. This needle will accommodate size 8 or size 6 seed beads.

Beads are not included.

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When it come to quickly stringing lots of beads, a bead spinner is the best invention since microwave popcorn! It harnesses the power of centrifugal force to push the spinning beads onto a curved needle. Like magic! Use the curved bead spinner needle that comes the spinner; other straight needles won’t work. Big-eye bead spinner needles are too floppy and they bend under the firm grip needed to control the bead spinner.
Although using a bead spinner can be tricky at first, after you get the hang of it, you’ll find it’s a real time saver. To use a bead spinner, pour the seed beads into the bead spinner bowl. Cut a 6″ piece of beading thread (not size 18 superlon; use the thin thread you use for binding.) Thread the bead spinner needle. Tie the two ends of the thread together using an overhand knot; this loop of thin thread become the new eye of the needle. Thread the loose end of one warp (this is probably size 18 superlon, depending on the size of your beads) through the thread eye of the bead spinner needle.

If you are right handed, turn the bead spinner clockwise with your left hand and hold the needle with your right hand. Left-handers should turn the bead spinner counterclockwise with the right hand, holding the needle with the left. Point the hook of the needle down and toward the outside of the bowl. Skim the surface of the beads. If you scrape the bottom, you won’t pick up any beads.

Stop spinning after 1-3″ of beads have climbed up the needle. Tip the needle so the beads slide over the thread eye and onto the warp string (you may have to give them a push). Spin and load beads until you have as beaded beads on the warp string as the project calls for. Tie a small knot at the end of the string to keep the beads from falling off.