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Braided Splendor

Braided Splendor

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Type of kit:  necklace
Max length:  approximately 24" 
  • beaded kumihimo around a variably sized beaded core (advanced)
  • wire wrapping (beginner)

    The Braided Splendor kit includes 
    • detailed printed instructions
    • size 11 Toho Demi beads
    • size 8 Toho Demi beads
    • size 15 Japanese seed beads
    • size 11 Japanese seed beads
    • size 8 Japanese seed beads
    • 4mm Czech fire polished beads
    • 6mm Czech pressed round beads
    • Superlon Mircro braiding cord
    • core material
    • big-eye needle
    • binding thread
    • crimping endcaps
    • TierraCast chain
    • TierraCast lobster claw clasp
    • TierraCast headpins

    Tools needed to assemble the project (not included)

    • scissors
    • foam kumihimo disk
    • 8 weighted bobbins (~23g each)
    • clip-on center weight (~45g)
    • 1 plain bobbin
    • Hypo-cement jewelry glue
    • wire cutters
    • jewelry making pliers

    Braided Splendor is a very challenging project because it has a complicated stringing pattern, a multiple-bead-dropping beaded core, and it switches back and forth between dropping beads into the braid one at a time and in multi-bead units.  It requires that you braid with intention and are ever-mindful of your movements and tension.  To be successful with this ADVANCED project you should have completed many previous beaded kumihimo necklaces and be comfortable both braiding around a core and dropping multiple beads at a time.  

    Your Braided Splendor kit includes enough materials to make a braided focal section of three beaded beads (~4" long) or five beaded beads (~6.4" long.)  Pair the braided focal section with the 18" of included chain to make a necklace with a maximum finished length of ~24".

    This is an original design by Rebecca Ann Combs of Design & Adorn.  ©2019  

    This kit and the included pattern are offered for sale for your personal use only. No commercial use of the pattern is permitted.  This pattern may not be copied, transmitted or taught without the express, written permission of Rebecca Ann Combs.

    The Braided Splendor instructions also appear in Rebecca's third book Beaded Kumihimo Jewelry.

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