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Demi 11/0 Mystery Grab Bag

Demi 11/0 Mystery Grab Bag

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Size 11/0 Toho Demi beads are flat little donut beads.  They're the same width and same hole size as a size 11/0 seed bead, but they're a little less than half the height. 

Each Mystery Grab Bag contains twenty 2.5" tubes of size 11/0 Toho Demi beads.  Each tube contains 7-8 grams.  There are approximately 165 size 11/0 Toho Demi beads per gram, so that's about a whole lot of beads per tube.  

If you've not worked with demi bead before you might be surprised to learn that they're much more expensive than standard round seed beads. Even a super basic color like Jet goes for $2.45 per tube. A premium metallic color like Nickel goes for $10.95 per tube. A mid-range color like Matte-Color Iris Teal goes for $5.95 a tube. That makes this Mystery Grab Bag with twenty assorted tubes a real smokin' deal!

Within each Mystery Grab Bag there are twenty tubes of assorted colors and finishes.

All sales final on Mystery Grab Bags.

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