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Double Helix In-Person Class Tuition

Double Helix In-Person Class Tuition

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A Double Helix kit is required for this class.  Be sure to add one to your order.

Date:  Sunday, July 23

Time:  5:00 PM - 7:00 PM

Location:  Design & Adorn in Tucson, Arizona (4630 E. Grant Road)

Event type:  In-person class

Class Tuition:  $65 

Kit Required:  Yes.  Be sure to add one to your order today.

Homework Required:  Yes.  You will need to set up your kumihimo disk, string some of your beads, and braid the first 1/3 of the necklace before coming to class.  Homework instructions will be included with your kit.  

Will the project be completed in class? No

Covid Protocols: Masks required. HEPA filters in use.

What if I need to cancel?  Please treat this registration like any other non-refundable special event.  Double check your schedule before signing up and then put it on your calendar and set some reminders.  Last minute cancelations hurt me because then I don't collect as much tuition for my class and it hurts other people who wanted to take the class, but couldn't because it was sold out. 

That being said, I understand that life happens.  Do not come to class if you are sick or have a known Covid exposure.  If you are sick and need to cancel, I will refund the tuition portion of your class fee.  The kit portion of the class fee ($65) is non-refundable because I will have already sent you your kit so you could do the homework.

Type of kit:  necklace
Max length:  approximately 23"
Techniques:  beaded kumihimo around a core (all levels) and peyote stitch (beginner)

 The Double Helix kit includes 

  • detailed written instructions
  • Czech glass mushroom beads
  • size 8 Japanese seed beads
  • size 18 Superlon
  • 1.5mm satin Rattail
  • big-eye needle
  • 8mm stainless steel magnetic endcaps
  • size 11 Delica beads
  • One-G beading thread
  • binding thread
  • E6000 glue

Tools needed to assemble the project (not included)

  • foam kumihimo disk
  • 8 weighted bobbins (~23g each)
  • clip-on center weight (~45g)
  • 1 plain bobbin (unweighted)
  • scissors

    Double Helix is an all levels kumihimo project, and assumes you already know the basic kumihimo skills:

    • how to thread a needle
    • how to tie an overhand knot
    • how to set up the disk for braiding
    • how to read a stringing chart
    • how to string beads
    • how to drop beads and lock them in place in the braid
    • how to bind off the ends of your braid
    • how to glue on endcaps

    Double Helix is not recommend for a first beaded kumihimo project Since you're braiding around a core, the Double Helix is more appropriate for braiders with some previous beaded kumihimo experience.

    Design by Rebecca Ann Combs

    ©2023 Rickbecca Publishing LLC 

    Distributed under license by Design & Adorn LLC. 

     You have my permission to sell necklaces you make using this Double Helix tutorial as long as:

    • You credit me, Rebecca Ann Combs, as the designer.
    • You are not mass producing them. (Max 12 Double Helix sold per year.)

    Please note that copying, teaching or sharing my Double Helix pattern is prohibited.