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Spotlight Project FAQ


What does it mean to be a spotlight project? That means we make these kits special just for you after you place your order for the colors you want. Typically your kit will be ready to ship or pickup 1-2 weeks after you place your order.

Why don't you just make up all the kits in advance?  Because it's more a more efficient use of time and materials.  We don't have the resources (neither time nor money) to make up a bunch of kits that might not sell. If we had to make the kits in advance, we would have to make our best guess as to which projects and colorways would be popular and just offer those limited options. By taking orders in advance before we commit resources, we're able to offer you color choices to suit a wide variety of tastes and styles.

How do I view the available colors and place my order?  Shopping for new spotlight projects opens at 5:00 PM on Friday. Once shopping is open just keep scrolling down and click on the picture of the project to view all of the available colors.  Choose your color from the dropdown menu (clicking on the photos does NOT change your selection) and click add to cart.  If you'd like a sneak peek of the colors before shopping opens, be sure to subscribe to our emails. (Scroll to the very bottom of this page to subscribe to our emails.) The color preview email generally goes out on Thursday.  Kit of the Week

How do I purchase a Spotlight Project? Once shopping has opened for a Spotlight Project, you'll see it listed on in the Spotlight Collection.  Click on the project to see all of the colorways. If you'd like to zoom in, hover your mouse over a photo.  Make your selection from the dropdown menu and add to cart.
  • If you're just buying one kit, click view cart to confirm you selected the correct color and then check out.
  • If you're buying more than one kit, DON'T CHANGE THE QUANTITY IN THE CART.  Add your next kit color by selecting it from the drop down menu and then click add to cart. 

When you're finished making your selections, click view cart. There you can confirm that you have the correct colors. The quantity for each kit should be 1, unless you are ordering 2 or more of the same exact color. Once you've confirmed your selections, go ahead and check out.

At what point in the shopping process are my kits reserved for me? Can I toss them in my cart and keep browsing around for other things? Your kits are only reserved for you once you have completed the checkout process and paid for your order. It is entirely possible to put something in your cart and then find that it is out of stock by the time you get to the checkout, if someone else checks out faster.

What if I can't find the kit I'm looking for on the dropdown menu?  I'm sorry, but that kit color is already sold out.

Will I earn reward points on my purchase? Yes, if you are logged in to your Studio Insider account when checking out.

Can I redeem a reward certificate on Spotlight Projects? Yes! Be sure to apply your discount code when checking out. You'll see the "Add Discount Code" button after you hit "Check Out."

How do I get a discount code to redeem my Studio Points? To spend your points at our online store, click on the blue & white rewards panel in the bottom-right corner of the page. Log in and you'll see how many points you have available. If you have enough points for a reward coupon, there will be a "view" button next to that reward. Click "view" and then click "redeem" to generate a coupon code. Enter the coupon code at checkout. (The coupon code field doesn't appear until you click checkout.) This link will take you to a quick demo video.

I have a question that's not answered here.  How do I contact you?  Please fill out the form below.  We are in the office Tuesday through Saturday and typically respond to emails within one business day.