On March 18, 2020 we closed the bead store . We are now an online-only jewelry-kit store serving up fresh new designs with high quality materials and when it’s safe to gather in groups again, we’ll invite you back to our classes and beading events.

Design & Adorn’s next chapter has already started, but now I’ve made it official. This story has been years in the making and we’ve been creating it together. I am forever grateful to each and every one of you for making this journey possible.

Chapter One
Twelve years ago, Richard and I, just two naïve kids, rented a store front, put some beads in it, and slapped our name on the door. Ta-da! Now we have bead store!

If you only know modern day Design & Adorn, you wouldn’t recognize us back then. We were mostly a bead stringing shop. The walls were lined with stone beads. Richard and I hadn’t really done much beading at all before opening the shop and you could tell looking at our selection. We forgot to order in beading wire, crimp beads or tools for our grand opening! Thank you to everyone who was there and didn’t laugh.

Within a few months we found our groove and started teaching stringing, knotting, and stitching classes. At first we just taught the projects that my mom shared with us from her shop, but then we started designing on our own. It was around this time that fate tapped on my shoulder and handed me a kumihimo disk. We found more and more students and customers, and with our diminishing ineptitude, it seemed that maybe this whole bead store idea wasn’t so foolish after all.

You know what’s better than one bead store? Two bead stores!

Yes, indeed folks, eighteen months after opening, my genius plan was to open a second location.

Chapter Two
Luckily for us, fate intervened, and we only had to deal with two stores for a few short months.

We started fresh in 2010 in our tiny Grant Road location as a bead stitching, kumihimo, and chain maille store.

I ran the shop alone during the week while Richard was at work and then the two of us took turns teaching classes on the weekends. We wrote new patterns at home in the evenings.

Chapter Three
I wrote Kumihimo Basic & Beyond on my dining room table on weekdays and I taught classes on the weekends. Thank you for being my guinea pigs as I worked out new techniques for the book!

The book changed everything. I taught at the Bead & Button Show for the first time that year. We made the leap into the world of e-commerce and set up our first rudimentary web store.

The book launched in the fall of 2013 to more fanfare and well wishes than I ever thought possible and you were there with hugs, and cards, and balloons, and flowers. You lined up to buy the book I wrote and to have me sign it. My team was there. We danced. We danced right into the next year and the one after that.

We started exhibiting at the Tucson gem show. I went on tour and taught at bead stores around the country. I asked Alex to take a leap of faith and to come work with me full-time as my assistant store manager. She said yes. We put funny things on our heads and kept right on dancing.

Kumihimo Jewelry Simplified launched the winter of 2016 to even more fanfare and excitement than the first book. Once again you were there with hugs, and cards, and balloons, and flowers. Everyone was laughing and smiling and toasting. There was so much joy packed into our 680 square feet. And so we just kept dancing.

Chapter Four
The business grew, and grew, and grew! You were there with us at classes here and around the country, you were with us at my kumihimo design retreats, you were with us at the bead shows, you were with us in our online store, and you were with us in our little Grant Road bead store.

Twelve years of our beading adventure had given me lots of different hats to wear: brick & mortar retailer, online retailer, author, designer, teacher, kit maker, event planner.

With so many hats on my head, I was having trouble dancing.

I needed to focus on what I truly love and what am I best at.

Chapter Five
I made a plan.

We would close the bead store at the end of 2020 and turn our attention to designing top-notch beading kits and teaching at a variety of exciting beading events. Design & Adorn would continue to be a center of the Tucson beading community, but in a different way.

Richard was heading up the plans to take beading classes out into the community in bars and restaurants to reach a whole new generation of beaders. Alex was looking into beading slumber parties and group field trips. I was focused on refining our online store and extending our social media selling options while planning some really amazing beading adventures for us to share and writing lots of awesome new patterns for you.

Then the pandemic came and the timeline changed.

On March 18, 2020 we closed the bead store. We are now an online-only jewelry-kit store serving up fresh new designs with high quality materials and when it’s safe to gather in groups again, we’ll invite you back to our classes and beading events.

This isn’t the way I wanted our transition to take place. I thought there’d be a party. We’d all be laughing, smiling, and dancing. I wanted you to be here to celebrate because I hope that you’ll be part of this next chapter, too .

The story of Design & Adorn is ongoing and we’re creating it together.

Frequently Asked Questions about the new Design & Adorn

So what’s happening with the storefront on Grant Road? Our bead store on Grand Road is permanently closed to the public. What was the storefront is now an online order fulfillment center and video studio for our Facebook Live shopping parties.

Is this a temporary change due to the pandemic? No, this a permanent change in our business model that has been in the works for over six months.

What can I still buy and how? Our new focus is on kits, books, tools and some essential kumihimo supplies. You can purchase kits during our twice weekly Facebook Live Shopping Parties. Our other offerings are available on our website.

Do you still have a rewards program? Yes, we do, but we did make some changes to the program to account when we made the switch to being an online business.  We now offer free shipping on website orders over $75 and Facebook Live orders over $50, so we increased the number of points needed to generate a reward certificate.

When are the Facebook Live shopping parties? Tuesday and Friday at 5:00 PM Pacific / 8:00 PM Eastern.

So can I buy strands of beads? What about tubes of seed beads? Findings? No, sorry, we’re no longer a bead store. We’re just selling kits, books, tools, and essential kumihimo supplies.

So what about endcaps? You don’t have very many on your website… Unfortunately the endcaps are in short supply right now because of pandemic related supply chain issues. This is especially true for magnetic endcaps. As soon as our supply lines stabilize we’ll get more endcaps on our website.

How can I pay for my order? Since all of our transactions are online we accept credit/debit card payments and PayPal. I’m sorry, but we don’t take cash or checks.

Can I still order online and come pick up my order in person? Yes, you sure can. When your order is ready, we’ll send you an email with a link to schedule your pickup appointment. Please keep in mind that our facilities are closed to the public and you will need to schedule a pickup appointment time. Your package will be waiting for you on a table out front. You won’t be able to come inside the building.

So what’s happening with all of the Design & Adorn employees? We’re all still here working as much as ever. Our day to day work assignments have changed a bit, and we have to mask up and spread out for safety, but the whole team is still here. In fact, one of the exciting things about our new business venture is that we’ve been able to increase people’s hours and we’ve added two new team members!

When are you putting classes and events back on the calendar? We have canceled all in-person classes and events for the remainder of 2020 due to the pandemic. Hopefully we can resume classes and events in 2021, but it’s too soon to tell. We won’t resume in-person events until it is safe to do so.

How will I know when you’ve restarted in-person classes and events? That exciting announcement will be all over our emails, web site, and Facebook page!

Will you be teaching and exhibiting at the Tucson Gem Show in September?

Will you be teaching and exhibiting at the Tucson Gem Show in February 2021? No, but we’re optimistically planning on exhibiting at the February 2022 show.

Are you offering online classes? Not yet. That’s definitely part of the plan, but since the pandemic shifted our timeline on this transition we’re not ready to launch online classes yet. Our first online class will be in October 2020 as part of the American Kumihimo Society ‘s online conference.

You usually have a Semi-Annual Clearance Sale twice a year? Is that still happening this year? The bead store is closed and our facilities are completely closed to the public, but yes, we are planning online clearance sales. You can expect the online clearance sale to take the form of bundles and mystery bags rather than individual items.

Where can I buy beads and beading supplies in person in Tucson? There are several local beads stores in Tucson: Bead Holiday, Dah Rock Shop, Elegant Beads, and Star Gems.

What if I need help placing an order or just have a question? What’s the best way to get in touch with you? You can send an email using the form below or a Facebook private message. We’re pretty good about getting back to emails and messages in a timely manner, but we don’t watch our computer screens 24/7 because we’re working on making your kits. You can generally expect a response within two business days.

Facebook Live Frequently Asked Questions

What info do you need from me to complete my purchase? If it’s your first time shopping with us during a Facebook Live, please send us a private message with your email address, shipping address and phone number.

When will I get my PayPal invoice? It takes a couple hours after the show to sort through all of the comments and figure out who got what. Once we’re done with that, we start sending out invoices. Depending on how busy the show was, you’ll get your invoice either a few hours after the show or the next day.

How will I know which items I got? It will say on your invoice.

How much is shipping? During our Facebook Live Shopping parties, we offer $5 flat-rate or free on orders over $50 for all addresses in the USA. For orders going to Canada it’s $30 flat-rate.

When will my order ship? We make most of the Facebook Live kits to order. That means that they’re not waiting on the wall for us to pack them up, but rather we start making the kits once they’re sold. It usually takes about a 10-14 business days for us to get prepare your kit and get it in the mail. So if you make a purchase on Tuesday night, it generally goes in the mail on Friday or Saturday of the following week. If you make a purchase on Friday night, it generally goes in the mail Tuesday or Wednesday of the week after the following week.  (We’re closed on Sunday & Monday and none of us work those days.)

Do I need a PayPal account to pay on PayPal? Nope. You can pay as a guest using any major credit card.

I’d really rather pay by phone. No, problem! Please message us with your phone number and we’ll give you a call when your total is ready. Probably the day after the show so we’re not calling super late at night.

What the return policy on Facebook Live items? If there’s something wrong with your kit, please let us know and we’ll work with you to make it right. Except in cases of defects all sales are final.

Do I earn rewards points on my Facebook Live purchases? Yep, you sure do. Pretty cool, right?

I have a Design & Adorn reward or gift certificate… Can I use that for my Facebook Live purchase? Sure thing. Just message that and let us know and we’ll be sure to invoice you appropriately. We can apply up to one reward certificate per transaction. With gift certificates you can use however many you have.

There seems to be a lag in the video… What’s going on? The entire world is online right now and the internet is strained to the max. Lag times and delays are to be expected. There’s not a lot that can be done about it big picture, but to improve internet download speeds in your own home lovingly suggest that your significant other read a book, take a bath, or take a nap during the our shopping party so they’re not hogging the bandwidth streaming something on Netflix.

On our end we shut down all internet enabled devices that aren’t being actively used to broadcast to help improve our upload speed.

My video completely froze. Now what? Try closing out of the video and loading it again.

Will you go through the remaining items at the end of the video? I’d love to, be we can’t see the comments with their time stamps until the video is over. I will however go back and post a note on the video with the list of the available items in case you missed the live show or would like to add something else to your order.

I don’t have a Facebook account. Can I still watch the video? Yes, you sure can! We broadcast to a public business Facebook page and anyone can watch it whether or not they have a Facebook account.

How do I comment if I don’t have a Facebook account? Sorry, but you have to have a Facebook account in order to comment on a Facebook post. You are welcome to email us your purchase requests, but please understand that email requests will be counted after Facebook comments regardless of what time the email comes through during the live show.