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Our Team

Alex, Rain, Anna Lisa, Jenn, Richard, and Rebecca outside on Richard and Rebecca's patio, celebrating the launch of Rebecca's third book.
  • Alex Du Pont (she/her) is our logistics manager.  She keeps all the balls in the air.  She also designs some pretty amazing kumihimo kits.
  • Rain (she/her), Anna Lisa (she/her), and Jenn (she/her) are our kit making experts.  They're the ones who make sure that every kit has all the right parts.
  • Richard Swanborg (they/them) is my spouse, business partner, and muse.  They also design kick-ass chain maille kits and help with chat support during our Facebook Live parties.
  • And that's me, Rebecca Combs (she/her), on the right.  I design most of our kits, host our Facebook Live parties, and captain our ship.