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Grandiose Bracelet
Grandiose Bracelet
Grandiose Bracelet

Grandiose Bracelet

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Type of kit:  bracelet
Max finished length:  approximately 9.5" (fits up to 8.5" wrist)
Techniques: beaded kumihimo around a core (all levels) and bead stringing 

 The Grandiose Bracelet kit includes 

  • detailed written instructions with stringing charts for six different finished bracelet lengths: approximately 7", 7.5", 8", 8.5", 9" and 9.5" 
  • 8mm x 7mm Czech glass petal beads
  • size 11 Japanese seed beads
  • Superlon Micro
  • 1.5mm satin Rattail
  • big-eye needle
  • One-G beading thread (also used as binding thread)
  • 6mm stainless steel magnetic endcaps
  • size 11 Delica beads

(Due to supply shortages we no longer include nymo & E6000 glue in the kit.)

Tools needed to assemble the project (not included)

  • foam kumihimo disk
  • 8 weighted bobbins (~23g each)
  • clip-on center weight (~45g)
  • scissors
  • binding thread
  • E6000 glue

Three layers of mini Czech glass petals command your attention while the flat-back design allows this stunning bracelet to comfortably sit on your wrist. The Grandiose Bracelet is wonderfully supple and drapes beautifully thanks to the asymmetrical counted stringing plan.

    Grandiose Bracelet is an all levels kumihimo project, and assumes you already know the basic kumihimo skills:

    • how to thread a needle
    • how to tie an overhand knot
    • how to set up the disk for braiding
    • how to string beads and follow a stringing chart
    • how to drop beads and lock them in place in the braid
    • how to bind off the ends of your braid
    • how to glue on endcaps
    • how to read a stringing chart

    Grandiose Bracelet is not recommend for a first beaded kumihimo project The following elements make Grandiose Bracelet more appropriate for braiders with some previous beaded kumihimo experience:

    • braiding around a core
    • asymmetrical counted pattern
    • asymmetrical bead shape

    Design by Rebecca Ann Combs

    ©2023 Rickbecca Publishing LLC 

    Distributed under license by Design & Adorn LLC. 

     You have my permission to sell necklaces you make using this Grandiose Bracelet tutorial as long as:

    • You credit me, Rebecca Ann Combs, as the designer.
    • You are not mass producing them. (Max 12 Grandiose Bracelets sold per year.)

    Please note that copying, teaching or sharing my Grandiose Bracelet pattern is prohibited.