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Water Lilies Kumihimo Necklace Instructions (PDF)

Water Lilies Kumihimo Necklace Instructions (PDF)

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This is not a kit.  No materials are included.  

Water Lilies is a study in color and the art of subtle ombré. By using the same seven seed bead colors in each braid, but adjusting the proportions of each bead soup recipe, your necklace transitions from one strand to the next like smooth oil pastels.  Be prepared to be stopped by strangers on the street asking where you got your fabulous necklace. 

This piece is actually pretty straightforward, but at first glance it can be overwhelming.  The hardest part is making the five different perfectly blended bead soups, but we've written our the recipe for you (gram by gram) so you have a solid base to work from when choosing your own colors.  From there you'll just work step-by-step to make this masterpieces.  All of the details are in the included written instructions, but here's the overview:  make five separate beaded braids, each a little longer than the braid before it.  Bind off and glue magnetic endcaps to the ends of each braid, sew the braids together just below the endcaps, and make a peyote stitch cover for the endcaps

The Water Lilies Necklace Instructions is a downloadable PDF.  Nothing will be shipped to you.  If you want to print out the instructions, you'll need to have a printer.  You'll have access to the download after you checkout.  You'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader in order to open the file.  The PDF is five pages long.  Includes recipe cards for the five different bead soup mixes and seven step-by-step photos for the necklace assembly.

 This is not a kit.  No materials are included.  

Water Lilies is an all-levels project, and assumes you already know the basic kumihimo skills:

  • how to thread a needle
  • how to tie an overhand knot
  • how to set up the disk for braiding
  • how to string beads 
  • how drop beads and lock them in place in the braid

Please download our free Beaded Kumihimo Starter Guide and Understanding the Braid as a reference for these basic skills.   

The following supplies and tools (not included) are needed to make a Picturesque Necklace (the PDF includes a detailed supply list with quantities): 

  • ~66g size 11 Delica beads (the PDF includes the details about how many grams of each color)
  • micro Superlon braiding cord
  • beading thread
  • big-eye needle
  • 5mm stainless steel magnetic endcaps
  • binding thread
  • E6000 glue
  • foam kumihimo disk
  • weighted bobbins (~23g each)
  • clip-on center weight (~45g)
  • scissors
  • bead spinner (optional)

The "Pattern Only" option is best for independent beaders either working from their own stash or willing/able to search for their own materials because we do not provide vendor recommendations nor color names/numbers. 

The Water Lilies "Pattern Only" PDF includes a gram-by-gram recipe for how to make the five different bead soup mixes as well as guidance on chose colors for the mix, but does not include manufacturer color numbers for the beads used in the sample necklace.  Please allow your own creativity to guide you to your own unique color palette.

The supply list is on the first page of each project PDF and includes the type/size of each required component as well as the required quantity. 

This pattern originally appeared in Rebecca's third book Beaded Kumihimo Jewelry.

Design by Rebecca Ann Combs

©2020 Rickbecca Publishing LLC 

Distributed under license by Design & Adorn LLC. 

While I am happy for you to sell any items you make using this tutorial (as long as you are not mass producing them), I do ask that you credit me as the designer and please note that copying, teaching or sharing my pattern is prohibited

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