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Kumihimo Party in a Box!

Kumihimo Party in a Box!

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Kumihimo Party in Box includes enough tools for four people to braid simultaneously (4 disks & 32 plain bobbins) and enough materials to make sixteen braided necklaces or bracelets!

Welcome to your new addiction!  It's really fun to watch your braid appear magically below your disk.  You're going to be impressed with the beautiful, high-quality jewelry you can make in just a few hours.  All the information you need to get started is included here in the Kumihimo Party in a Box.  You'll learn how to set up the disk, the super simple braiding moves, and how to transform your beautiful beaded rope into a wonderful necklace you'll be proud to wear. 

The Kumihimo Party in a Box includes 

  • 4 sets of written instructions for the basic round braid including how to bind off.
  • 4 6" foam kumihimo disks
  • 4 sets of 8 plain (unweighted) bobbins (so that's 32 total)
  • 32 6-yard skeins of 2mm satin cord in assorted colors (that's enough for sixteen 24" necklaces!)
  • 16 8mm stainless steel magnetic endcaps
  • 2 spools of nymo binding thread (this is enough to bind off dozens of braids)
  • 2 mini tubes of E6000 glue (this is enough to glue endcaps on at least 20 braids)

Tools you need to supply for your party guests (not included)

  • scissors
  • toothpicks for gluing on endcaps

Other supplies you might want to have on hand for a successful party (not included)

  • tape measure
  • paper plates
  • blue painters tape

Unless you're having a slumber party, your guests will need to transport their braids home before the glue has dried on the endcaps.  I recommend using blue painters tape to secure the braid to a paper plate for safe transit.  Remember to tape the braid down with the magnets far enough apart that they don't snap together.

The magnetic endcaps contain very strong magnets.  Keep away from children, pets, and people with pacemakers.