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Mermaid's Tale Kumihimo Necklace Instructions (PDF)

Mermaid's Tale Kumihimo Necklace Instructions (PDF)

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The Mermaid's Tale Kumihimo Necklace Instructions is a downloadable PDF.  Nothing will be shipped to you.  If you want to print out the instructions, you'll need to have a printer.  You'll have access to the download after you checkout.  You'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader in order to open the file. 

The PDF is four pages long and includes a supply list, detailed written instructions, and counts for three different finished necklace lengths: approximately 19.5", 21.5", and 24.5".  

This is not a kit.  No materials are included.  

Mermaid's Tale is part of our modular collection with dramatic braided focal pieces paired with swappable back straps. The front of the Mermaid's Tale utilizes a counted kumihimo pattern and nested Czech glass petal beads to create a stunning mermaid scale look. The back strap features comfortable size 8 seed beads braided into a beaded rope. The front and back are connected with super strong magnetic endcaps and the joins are hidden under color-coordinated peyote stitch endcap covers.

Mermaid's Tale is an all levels kumihimo project, and assumes you already know the basic kumihimo skills:

  • how to thread a needle
  • how to tie an overhand knot
  • how to set up the disk for braiding
  • how to string beads and follow a stringing chart
  • how to drop beads and lock them in place in the braid
  • how to bind off the ends of your braid
  • how to glue on endcaps
  • how to read a stringing chart

Mermaid's Tale is not recommend for a first beaded kumihimo project The following elements make Mermaid's Tale more appropriate for braiders with some previous beaded kumihimo experience:

  • asymmetrical bead shape
  • intermediate counted pattern

    The "Pattern Only" option is best for independent beaders either working from their own stash or willing/able to search for their own materials because we do not provide vendor recommendations nor color names/numbers.  Please allow your own creativity to guide you to your own unique color palette.

    The supply list is on the first page of each project PDF and includes the type/size of each required component as well as the required quantity. The quantities are listed as a range because the instructions include stringing charts for multiple sizes.

    If you would prefer to purchase a complete kit that includes both the instructions and all the materials needed to make a project, please click here

     The following supplies are needed to make a Mermaid's Tale necklace (not included): 

    • 14mm x 13mm Czech glass petal beads
    • size 8 Japanese seed beads
    • size 11 Japanese seed beads
    • Superlon micro
    • size 18 Superlon
    • big-eye needle
    • 6mm stainless steel magnetic endcaps
    • size 11 Delica beads
    • One-G or KO beading thread
    • binding thread
    • E6000 glue

    Tools needed to assemble the project (not included):
    • foam kumihimo disk
    • 8 weighted bobbins (~23g each)
    • clip-on center weight (~45g)
    • scissors
    • white/craft glue to stiffen Superlon when use of needle is impossible (optional)

    Design by Rebecca Ann Combs

    ©2020 Rickbecca Publishing LLC 

    Distributed under license by Design & Adorn LLC. 

    While I am happy for you to sell any items you make using this Mermaid's Tale tutorial (as long as you are not mass producing them), I do ask that you credit me as the designer and please note that copying, teaching or sharing my Mermaid's Tale pattern is prohibited