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Shine On!
Shine On!
Shine On!
Shine On!
Shine On!
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Shine On!

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Pre-Order:  The Shine On kits are on pre-order and are expected to ship before June 15th.  If you combine pre-order and in-stock items in the same transaction, everything will ship together when the pre-order is ready.

Type of kit:  long braid!  Wear it as a necklace or multi-wrap bracelet!

Max length:  approximately 30" end to end
Techniques: beaded kumihimo (all levels / beginner-friendly )

 The Shine On kit includes 

  • detailed written instructions
  • 2mm crystal beads
  • Soft Flex beading wire
  • crimping endcaps
  • ball & socket clasp
  • jump rings
  • binding thread

Tools needed to assemble the project (not included)

  • foam kumihimo disk
  • 8 weighted bobbins (~23g each)
  • clip-on center weight (~45g)
  • wire cutter
  • E6000 glue
  • tooth pick
  • chain nose pliers
  • scissors

One challenge of braiding or beading with crystals is that they have sharp edges that can cut thread and cord.  That's why for Shine On we're braiding on Soft Touch wire by Soft Flex Company.  It's seven strands of micro woven stainless steel wire:  strong enough to resist cutting by the crystals, but supple enough to braid.   The wire's springback gives just a little space between each crystal, giving them space to catch the light and protecting them from rubbing together.

When finished your Shine On braid is a sparkling delight that you can wear as a long necklace or wind around your wrist as a multi-wrap bracelet.

These kits are suitable for braiders of all levels, but if you're a beginner please consult the Beaded Kumihimo Starter Guide and Understanding the Braid before you begin your project. These are both free PDFs on our website. You can also watch our Beaded Kumihimo Quick Start Guide on our YouTube channel.

Design by Rebecca Ann Combs

©2024 Rickbecca Publishing LLC 

Distributed under license by Design & Adorn LLC. 

While I am happy for you to sell any items you make using this Dreaming of Venice tutorial (as long as you are not mass producing them), I do ask that you credit me as the designer and please note that copying, teaching or sharing my Eclipse pattern is prohibited.